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Engage Balance Board

The Engage Balance Board is an innovative product designed to be the perfect combination between anti-fatigue and movement. The Engage Balance Board is a high density PU foam over a shaped plywood and natural rubber base which allows for gentle stimulating movement whilst providing all day anti-fatigue support.

  • Engages the stabilising muscles of the back, core, hips and legs
  • Simple low impact movement that improves joint mobility
  • Improves posture and balance while increasing standing stamina
  • Increases focus, attention and overall productivity at work
  • Easy to clean, non-slip surface
Standard sizes

515 x 353mm
Thickness: 55mm


The Engage Balance Board is fully guaranteed for 1 year against failure due to manufacturing defects subject to correct application and maintenance

Subject to correct installation and maintenance
At a glance
1 year guarantee 1 year guarantee
Anti-Fatigue Anti-Fatigue
Non-Slip Non-Slip

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