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Guardian Printed Logo Mat

Guardian customisable printed logo mats have been developed for high traffic indoor and outdoor entranceways and is ideal for wet area applications.

  • Screen printed logo mat
  • Vinyl looped Matting with non-porous backing
  • 20 standard base mat colours
  • Traps dirt and water effectively
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to clean open texture
  • Anti-fatigue mat with pressed edges
  • Safe in wet areas and outdoor use
  • 4 weeks delivery timeframe
Standard sizes

900 x 600mm, 900 x 1200mm, 900m x 1500mm, 1200 x 1800mm

  • Guardian printed logo mat is fully guaranteed against failure due to manufacturing defects for 1 year, subject to correct installation and maintenance.
  • Guardian printed logo mats are guaranteed to be UV resistant for 1 year.
  • Guardian printed logo mat is guaranteed to keep your floors looking cleaner.
  • For a true representation of colours, please refer to actual colour swatches.
Subject to correct installation and maintenance
Light colours/White Light colours/White
Beiges Beiges
Cool Greys Cool Greys
Warm Greys Warm Greys
Black Black
Blues Blues
Reds Reds
Greens Greens
Yellows Yellows
Orange_0.jpg Oranges
At a glance
1 year guarantee 1 year guarantee
Easy Easy
Drains Drains
Non-Slip Non-Slip

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