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Hygiene Message Mats

Stop the spread with a launderable message-mat. Download the brochure for design information, and NEW designs.

  • Detailed computer controlled Jet Printing
  • Water absorbent nylon carpeted surface
  • Anti-slip nitrile rubber cleated backing
  • Launderable
  • For custom design information please click HERE
  • For Rubber Hygiene Message Mats, click HERE
Standard sizes


  • AFC2639-1
  • AFC2640-1


  • AFC2631-2
  • AFC2635-2
  • AFC2635-3
  • AFC2638
  • AFC2641-1
  • AFC2643-1
  • AFC2644
  • AFC2645

850x2400mm - smooth backed

  • AFC2633
  • AFC2646-1
  • AFC2646
  • AdMat Hygiene Message Mats are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 2 years. 
  • For a true representation of colours, please refer to actual colour swatches.
Subject to correct installation and maintenance
AFC2631-2 AFC2631-2
AFC2633 AFC2633
AFC2635-2 AFC2635-2
AFC2635-3 AFC2635-3
AFC2638 AFC2638
AFC2643-1 AFC2643-1
AFC2644 AFC2644
AFC2645 AFC2645
AFC2646 AFC2646
AFC2646-1 AFC2646-1
AFC2639-1 AFC2639-1
AFC2640-1 AFC2640-1
AFC2641-1 AFC2641-1
At a glance
2 year guarantee 2 year guarantee
Launderable Launderable
Easy Easy
Absorbent Absorbent
Durable Durable
Non-Slip Non-Slip

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