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Treadman Matting

Treadman is a practical heavy duty rubber mat that is anti-slip and impact resistant developed to provide animal well being that can be used in horse floats, trucks and wintering barns. Treadman is also suitable for use in Gymnasiums

  • 10mm thick rubber sheeting suitable for animal areas, horse floats and weightlifting areas
  • Anti-slip and impact resistant
  • Heavy duty
  • 27kg per m2
Standard sizes

2000mm wide roll (smooth backed)

10mm thickness


Guaranteed for 2 years subject to correct installation and maintenance

Subject to correct installation and maintenance
Treadman Matting Safety Mat in Black Black
Smooth Backed Smooth Backed
At a glance
2 year guarantee 2 year guarantee
Easy Easy
Durable Durable
Non-Slip Non-Slip

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